Rocky Mountain German Shepherd Dog Club

Colorado HERO Dog Award information

The Rocky Mountain German Shepherd Dog Club has created an award to honor German Shepherd Dogs who have performed an act of courage and/or bravery. The following criteria will be used to determine if and how many HERO Awards to be given out at the RMGSDC Specialty Dog show. Please submit your story/information if you would like to nominate a Colorado Hero Dog.

Guidlines for Nomination:

  1. Nominated animal must be a purebred German Shepherd Dog
  2. Dog and Owner must be Colorado Resident
  3. Anyone may make a nomination to the Rocky Mountain German Shepherd Dog Club Board of Directors
  4. The performed act should reflect the extraordinary abiltiy/capabilities of the German Shepherd Dog's that involves behavior that brings great credit and distinction to the breed while saving or attempting to save a person (s) from imminent death or serious bodily injury (Serious Bodily Injury: Bodily injury which involves a substantial risk of serious, permanent disfigurement, protracted loss or impairmnet of the function of any organ of the body, or breaks, fractures, or burns of the first, second, or third degree).
  5. The nomination shall be assigned to the RMGSDC Hero Dog Committee (sitting Board a the time of the nomination). The Committee shall gather the facts and information available. The Decision to award or not will be decided by the Board. In any event the owner of the dog and nominator shall be notified of the decision.
  6. The dog owner must agree to release the story to the RMGSDC for publicity purposes if they (The Club) so chooses i.e. possible inclusion in the German Shepherd Review, local newspaper or local media affiliate.
  7. The owner and the dog shall be recognized publically at the next scheduled RMGSDC Specialty dog Show.